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Custom Printing

Custom Printing

Corporate Printed BalloonsScreen Printing offers the finest print available on latex balloons. With over 60 colours to choose from and sizes ranging from 7.5 centimetres to 1.5 metres, you are assured of finding the best size and colours to deliver your message.

Giant balloons are unsurpassed for dramatic impact indoors or outdoors. Long-lasting micro foil balloons deliver your message for an extended length of time.

Artwork Specifications

To reproduce your artwork at the highest quality, we ideally like files to be supplied in vector EPS format. However, we will also accept PDF, TIFF and JPEG files supplied at a minimum of 300DPI. All artwork should be large enough to fill a 12cm square area.

Due to the low resolution of artwork designed in Microsoft Word or Corel, we cannot accept these files for print use. Neither can we use files saved in GIF format, in low resolution or images from web sites.